Photo: Isman Tahir

-moulded sculptures
”Cooee expands the collection with sculptures that are specially designed, where the color, shape and sizes are consciously selected to create harmony between the sculptures and Cooee’s original range. The collection has emerged in the meeting between Kristiina Haataja’s genuine craftsmanship and Cooee’s timeless Scandinavian design”.                                                                        
-from text on photo in product box 


styled by Anna Biström, Finland 2019

Ollie and Olufemi (COOEEXKRISTIINA)
styled by Willow Maurice, USA 2019 

Ollie, Amal and Benedict (COOEEXKRISTIINA)
styled by Ida Thun, Ireland 2019

K R I S T I I N A and the launched
sculptures 2019, photo Isman Tahir