Some of my projects and collaboration partners:

Curatorial & Co Gallery, (ongoing projects) here Art and Design Soirée,
styling by Holly Irvine, Sidney, Australia

M.A.H, (ongoing studio projects), herestyling Hannah Franklin, London 

Studio 27, collaboration decor Lutetia Hotel, Paris, France

Laura Seppänen, (ongoing projects), Helsinki, Finland

Daniela Dewitt, styling for  Elle Decorations, Sweden 

Marieanne Jacobsen, styling,  Denmark

Muuto Design Denmark, Milano Design Fair

AnnaLeena Leino, dstyling forOslo Design Fair

Salty Interior studio, collaboration in Berlin, Germany

Ann Helen, Styling in Oslo for magazine, Norway

Linn Salmen, photoshoot RUM,  Stockholm, Sweden

Annaleena Leino, stylingfor Recidence Magazine, Sweden

Kristofer Johnson, photos for My Recidence Bookazine, Sweden

Cleo Scheulderman, photoshoot  VTwonen, the Netherlands

Desenio, poster campaign, Sweden 2018

Fred International, International show, Australia

Nicoline, Italy

Gallotti & Radice, Milano,Showroom, Italy