Kristiina Haataja 
Fine artist, sculptor, designer, art educator
b. 1973, lives in Stockholm, Sweden 
Born and raised in Sweden by Finnish parents.
Works as Art educator in Nacka, in the outskirts of Stockholm, Sweden. Memberbership in Swede- Finn Artist Association Suomiart and SK Swedish Artist Association. Owner of design brand KHD Kristiina Haataja Design. Works mostly in mixed media and sculpture. Workshops and creative projects on requests. Studiospace at showroom Annaleena Studio, Ekerö, Sweden.

Featured in
Residence Magazine, Swedish issue, Aug 2017
Plaza Interior Magazine Woman, Swedish summer issue 2017
RUM Interior and Design Magazine, nr 3/2017
Elle Decoration Magazine, Sweden, Dec 2017
Jennifer Hagler, interview at A Merry Mishap blog, Nov 2017
My Residence, international Bookazine 2018
Elisabeth Heier, Jan 2018
My Residence Magazine, about the Ode to, Feb 2018

2006-07 Swedish Design History, Halmstad University, Sweden
1995-2000 Masters in Arts and English, Umeå University, Sweden
1997 Research Essay ”Artists and Galleries/Museums”, Manchester University, UK 1993-95 Folkhighschool in Arts and Sculpture, Rimforsa, Sweden
1990-93 Painting and Sculpture Evening School, Mariestad, Sweden
1993 Graduated at Upper secondary school, Mariestad, Sweden
1991 CAE-exams in Arts at Whakatane High School, New Zealand 

2007 Painting and Drawing m. Tomasz Myjak, Warszawa (, Polen 2006 Advancerd decor and Screenprint, Cebex, Malmö
2004 Screenprint, Screentec, Stockholm
2003 Aquarelle, Tjörn 
1998 Research work ”Visual Arts at Secondary Schools”, Manchester University, England 
1992-1993 Art school Painting and Drawing, ABF, Mariestad 1984-1988 Courses in painting and pottery, ABF, Mariestad 1988 Education in Artistic Leadership, Axvall 

Solo and Group exhibitions (selected after 2000) 
2017 Gallery Lottastugan, Varberg
2017 Suomi100 exhibitions 3 locations in Finland
2017 Suomiart 40 Anniversary exhibition, Gallery Cupido, Stockholm
2016 Sigtuna Culture House, Stockholm
2015 The Globe Office (ongoing), Stockholm
2015 Nacka Art Hall, Stockholm
2014 The Nybroviken Office, Stockholm
2014 The Institute of Finland Gallery, Stockholm
2013 Art Hall Hamnmagasinet, Varberg
2012 Gallery Dymlingen, Jönköping, Sweden
2011 Gallery 5, Oulu, Finland
2011 Migration Board Halls, Turku, Finland
2011 Gallery Cupido, Stockholm, Sweden
2010 Ringhals, Bua, Varberg
2010 Tofta Art Gallery, Sweden
2009 Gallery En Trappa Ner, Varberg, Sweden
2008 Gallery En Trappa Ner, Varberg, Sweden
2007 Gallery En Trappa Ner, Varberg, Sweden 2007 County Museum, Varberg, Sweden
2006 Gallery Bäcken, Mariestad, Sweden
2004 Gallery Prosterud, Torsö, Sweden
2003 Varberg Art Gallery, Sweden
2002 Culture House, Otterbäcken, Sweden
2001 Varberg Art Gallery, Sweden 
Also participated in numerous numbers of group exhibitions which are not mentioned here in various places in Sweden (Kisa, Rimforsa, Umeå, Varberg, Stockholm etc). 

Art Purchased by 
Varberg ́s Art Association, Sweden
County Council ́s Art Association, Varberg, Sweden Källberg ́s Art Association, Töreboda, Sweden Kvantum Art Association, Varberg, Sweden
LRF Art Association, Morup, Sweden
Aurora Art Association, Skene, Sweden
Arla Foods Art Association, Halland, Sweden
Sifus Art Association, Göteborg, Sweden
HN Art Association, Falkenberg, Sweden
Payetten Art Association, Falkenberg
Ringhals Art Association, Varberg, Sweden
Migration Board, Turku, Finland
Praktikertjänst Art club, Stockholm, Sweden
Ericson Art and Culture Association, Jönköping, Sweden 

Collaborations in Sweden
Annaleenas Hem AB, Stockholm (sculptures on request, ongoing)
PAUS interior, Varberg (prints and paintings, ongoing)

Previous Collaborations

Gallery Karlenström (paintings), Borås
Pompone Living, Interior store (paintings), Varberg
Norrgatans Interiör, Interior store (paintings), Varberg
Collagework of photographies: Fotograf Karin Linde, Varberg
Collaboration project: Paintings to Village-stores in Sweden 

Publicly Represented/ Other info 
One of 5 winners in "Samsung the Frame" Contest Sweden 2017, finalist in the Nordic region.
One of the finalists in Suomiart 2015 Artist of the Year- award 
Book cover ” Suomalainen, ruotsalainen vai ruotsinsuomalainen? -Ruotsissa asuvat suomalaiset 2000-luvulla” by Krister Björklund, scientist in Swede-Finn-research, 2012
Wallpainting at Eglo Showroom, Varberg, Sweden
Paintings Pentacostal Church, Varberg, Sweden
Publicly represented at Varberg Hospital, Sweden, Sweden
Painting at Migration Board, Turku, Finland
Represented on